Automated Shopzilla Feed Generation

Here at Cyberset, we endeavor to always find new and innovative ways to streamline our clients’ e-commerce. This is the 21st century! You shouldn’t have to sit there all day plugging in the latest information. Automation is the key to a more effective and hassle-free stream of revenue. Just as we enable automated Google Base feed generation for our clients, we also offer automated Shopzilla feed generation.

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Shopzilla is one of the most prominent price comparison services on the Internet today. As such, it is a perfect service for merchants in many industries to create yet another avenue that leads prospective customers to their products and services. By providing automated Shopzilla feed generation for our clients, we help them stay constantly up-to-date on the effectiveness of their Shopzilla presence. You will automatically receive constant information on your sales, and armed with that information, you can take steps to improving your ShopRank by altering your product information and inventory, focus on improving your satisfaction ratings, increasing your pay-per-click rate, and more.

The attribute that really distinguishes Cyberset from other Internet marketing firms is our long-term dedication. We don’t just set you up with a bunch of services and walk off to let you sink or swim on your own. Automated Shopzilla feed generation is just one of many ways we endeavor to stay with you throughout, helping you stay on top of what is happening with your online presence, and empowering you to adapt when needed to maximize results.

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