Automated Google Base Feed Generation

For businesses interested in seizing a significant advantage over other online competitors, automated Google Base feed generation is an essential ingredient to ultimate success.

What is Google Base exactly? Well, this service has been recently renamed Google Merchant Center. It still allows you to submit products and facilitate transactions via Google, upload feeds, get regular status updates on items and orders, and garner vital data on the effectiveness of your listings. But the new Google Merchant Center now also enables you to optimize those listings. Here at Cyberset, where we specialize in search engine optimization and maximizing the online traffic of clients just like you, this is a truly invaluable tool that we fully integrate for our clients.

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Our professional team at Cyberset specializes in an extremely useful technique called automated Google Base feed generation. Essentially, we help you forego the hassle of constantly submitting new information to Google Base, instead establishing a system for all that information to flow on its own into Google Base and send you back all the data you need to stay always on top of business and remain a market leader in your field.

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